Kinshofer clamshell bucket

They all feature a maximum loading height, a long life due to the use of 5HB steel in the manufacture of cutting edges and a generously . The KINSHOFER high volume clamshell buckets with horizontal cylinder are the ideal tools for handling loose material such as san gravel or soil – also perfectly matched to heavy duty work. The KINSHOFER clamshell buckets with vertical cylinders are available for daily routine works or as heavy duty version for difficult tasks. The closely positioned shell pivots ensure a good digging behaviour and high closing pressure.

Cutting edges made of 5HB steel and a generously dimensioned bearing system . A small volume version is also part of the product range.

A good digging behaviour is guaranteed be the high closing pressure. Thanks to the drive system, the movement and closing force of the shells is constant and synchronize generated by two hollow shafts, which run opposed and have a helix threa hydraulically driven by a single piston. While the main carrier – including shell carrier, hydraulics and bearings – remains the same, the shells can be exchanged within under minutes by only one man without any . The reliability of the revolutionary HPXdrive in combination with robust, versatile shells. A milestone in grab construction.

Perfectly matched to heavy-duty work on vehicle-mounted cranes. The ideal clamshell bucket for picking up soil, rubble, and all kinds of loose material leaving practically nothing behind. The KINSHOFER KM 6is an extremely robust clamshell bucket and is ideal for handling loose materials and can also fulfill small digging tasks.

The narrow frame allows for unobstructed manual filling of the bucket.

Widely spaced pivots and vertical working edges while open allow a deep plunge, so there are practically . Thanks to generously dimensioned bearings a long service life is guaranteed. The KINSHOFER KM 6clamshell bucket is the original – a recognize successful synthesis of form, function and performance. Bolt-on digging teeth are included for an optimized digging behavior.

Bushes are made of bronze alloy with grease . Kinshofer clamshell bucket. PRODUCT TYPE: Used Unused. Ex military in good condition. Some may have minor defects that we may have missed.

The design of the clamshells is very. For Sale in Louth: FOR SALE IS A KINSHOFER CLAMSHELL BUCKET. IDEALLY SUITED TO REMOUNT ON A HIAB, OR TRACK MACHINE, DIGGER ETC. Large selection of Hydraulic Rotators Pallet Forks.

The bucket comes with a 2WB quick connect. Grab rails and Rubber. The re-handling clamshell bucket with integrated rotation and sturdy slewing ring for excavators with up to 40t.