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The functionality of a Leatherman tool , with you everywhere, on your wrist. Take the functionality of a Leatherman everywhere you go with the Tread Wearable. Browse our official online store and get free shipping over $50. GUARANTEED: Our 25-year limited warranty ensures that your Leatherman will give you many years of dependable service.

All Leatherman multitools are made and repaired right here in the USA.

See more product details. Compare with similar items. The Leatherman Tread is a modular bracelet that allows you to have a TSA apporved multi- tool on you at all.

Leatherman has created a new wearable multi- tool bracelet that can fit on your wrist. Even though it looks relatively small, this handy gadget has tools ! BeadSmith Bracelet Bending Pliers – Gently Curve Bracelets And Components. A good set that has the essential tools for jewelry, beading, Wire Working and Wrapping Craft and Hobbies.

Sheet of plastic, glass, or waxed paper to protect your work surface △ Roller or pasta roller for rolling . One of the overwhelming parts of getting into a new craft or hobby is knowing which tools to buy first. Buying the wrong tools can not only cost money but valuable learning time. These five tools are useful no matter if you are stringing or doing bead weaving or wire work. Welcome and congratulations! I believe in quality not quantity and you get what you pay for.

You can also visit Jasons. All of my tools are made from the highest quality materials and. A TSA-compliant multitool you wear on your wrist.

But does it work as well as a tool as it does manly wrist jewelry? I put it to work around the house and on my bike to find out. A bracelet mandrel for making bracelets , preferably oval, but round will also work. Files or sandpaper to smoothen down the sharp ends of your cut wire.

Bare Copper Wire, Bright, AWG, 0. I love this bare copper wire spool. It is gauge, which is perfect for wire .

Flush cutters are a wire cutting tool that leaves the cut end of the wire almost perfectly flat. Using flush cutters minimizes the . New Products View All. The product development team at GRS is always hard at work coming up with innovative hand engraving tools and stone setting tools that will help you work smarter, more efficiently, and more accurately. Nowhere else in polymer clay work can you see the range of this versatile medium as clearly as in bracelet construction. Jewelry tools for all your jewelry-making needs!

Find pliers, hammers and mallets , reamers, wire jigs, needles and more all at deep discount pricing. Pura Vida Bracelets is another example of an online store using Foursixty to give customers a closer look at their products. It works great and truly boosts our igers community.