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Learn more about content analytics and the differences between post and article views. Click Post views located below your profile photo and headline information. Joining phase: In some scenarios, we need to associate the input tracking event with the actual entity, i. Since our system is not the source of truth for the data, we either make remote calls or store . From the search bar, select updates.

Do you know how to measure and track your efforts?

We have social share capability on the site using fb, twitter and linkedin. Client wants to track the analytics of these share buttons ( track only when user posts using the share button). Any good samples for fb twitter linkedin shares. Which are the most important ones and why?

Followers, shares , interactions 3. We track impressions and clicks. To ensure our news is reaching them. Easily share posts, engage with followers and measure performance with a comprehensive social management solution.

Visualize your outbound content strategy on the publishing calendar and use message tagging to organize and track marketing campaigns. Company page analytics are organized around three subsections: updates, followers, and visitors. Updates refer to the individual posts you add to your company page. For those unfamiliar, this is where you share links to content . Here are a few useful ways you can use branded links to share and track your links: Your Profile.

This if often the first place potential connections look before connecting with you. You can add links to your Contact and Summary sections. The social network is primarily centered around careers, and it enables users to connect and share content with other professionals, including colleagues as well as potential employers, business partners, and new employees. As it has grown from online Rolodex and résumé database to a fully- developed business social network, opportunities for brand messaging and advertising have grown in equal measure.

LinkedIn Company Page Careers. This means that a good way to show property owners you can help them is through preparing a Post that shares your ideas on stakeholder engagement. Track the activity on different networks after you share your campaigns. Instea we track the number of times your Share has been clicked. A view is counted when someone has watched at least seconds.

How can those metrics help communicators strategize . You might even create a bitly link so you always have access to it and can track how often it is being shared. Easily schedule and share compelling content to your network from a single platform.

Track new follower growth, as well as impressions and engagement levels of specific posts, with easy-to-understand analytic reports—all in one place. Revive Old Post – Auto Post to Social Media. Your guide to using Analytics on SlideShare.