Silk change tube

The performer shows a square tube. The tube can be folded absolutely flat, and is seen to be just four pieces of cardboard held together with green tape. The audience is allowed to look through the tube from both sides.

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SILK CHANGE TUBE , Vous tenez en mains un tube carré, creux et vide. Vous introduisez un foulard rouge dans le tube, un souffle magique et le foulard devient bleu ! Magician Tommy James displaying the Color Changing Silk Streamer. The magician shows a seemingly empty tube and places several different colored single handkerchiefs in the end of the tube. The handkerchiefs are then removed and shown to now be connected in a blendo type effect or transformed . Change the color of a silk in the blink of an eye. Make a silk vanish, too.

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A red silk is poked into the top of your fist. Order the Mirror Tube Silk Trick here. As you pull it slowly out of the bottom, it has changed to a blue silk. You push a bit more in and pull a bit more out. Finally it has completely changed.

Mostrate un pannello piatto che può aprirsi e diventare un tubo colorato a base quadrata. Infilate un foulard nel tubo e richiudetelo. Questo attrezzo può essere utilizzato per far sparire, cambiare di colore o apparire un foulard.

Non è richiesta nessuna abilità. The tube is grasped by the endoscopistand retrieved via the mouth, leaving the silk suture now passing from the mouth, via the oesophagus out via the gastrostomy site. IN PERFORMING the trick of the flying handkerchiefs, the amateur entertainer places two small silk handkerchiefs of different colors — or a handkerchief and a flag — in glass test tubes. While he is holding one tube in each han the handkerchiefs suddenly change places, each flying through the air. Suitable test tubes . Several colorful silks are placed into the Crystal Silk Cylinder.

The Cylinder is then covered with a yellow tube and then quickly remove the silks have disappeared with the Cylinder now full of balls, candy or even live . Cheap close up magic, Buy Quality magic tricks directly from China coin magic Suppliers: Tunnel of wonders, silk change tube – Magic trick, close up magic, coin magic, money. Cheap magic tricks, Buy Quality tube magic trick directly from China magician tricks Suppliers: Kaleidoscope of Silks Changes, Silk Change Tube Magic Tricks Magician Stage Close Up Illusion Gimmick Props Mentalism Comedy.

Turn to the left, making a pretended catch in the air, high up, with the right han and at the same moment steal the silk with the left hand. The change over follows and you produce the silk. A very pretty production of a silk from the vest can be made with a fan. Roll a sheet of paper into a tube and hold it in the left hand.

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