Metelkova city

Metelkova City is an autonomous social centre in the centre of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The squat is named after nearby . Vivi cracked-tile mosaics adorn the walls of the . Metelkova est un endroit alternatif original et idéal pour faire la fête à Ljubljana. Metelkova is an autonomous social centre in the centre of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Metelkova mesto, un squat culturel au cœur de la capitale slovène – Le. Ce quartier accueille également les bureaux de plusieurs ONG ( City of Women, Peace Institute, etc.). Le fonctionnement de Metelkova se fait sous la forme de forums, organisés régulièrement ouverts à tous les participants. Les décisions y sont prises selon les principes de consensus et de démocratie . Ask any local in Ljubljana and they will point you in the right direction, minutes from the city centre, on Metelkova Ulica.

It is home to a large number of clubs hosting a regular programme of concerts, club nights, and. The building at Metelkova accommodates the offices of many Ljubljana NGO cultural organisations, including SCCA-Ljubljana Centre for Contemporary Arts, the Peace Institute, Maska Institute, Forum Ljubljana, City of Women, Ekran magazine and Strip Core, as well as numerous other cultural, research .

Celica – the most unique and artistic Ljubljana hostel is located in the famous city area and . If you like graffiti, weird art, and quirky sculptures then this is the place to head to. It can be describe as a city within the city , that embodies the ideal of a non-violent, welcoming and self-organised community . A former military barracks. A brief history of Metelkova. See artists working in their studios, watch live music performances and attend wide-ranging festivals. Metelkova city is one of the most interesting places I have ever seen.

Lots of scribbles on the walls as you walk around. This is a really special place. But the real atmosphere shows during the night, especially in the summer. Corner of Masarykova cesta and Metelkova ulica.

I got the impression that the one . Here you can find art galleries, bars, artists’ studios, offices of cultural organizations. TripAdvisor su Lubiana. It also hosted LGBT and anti-racist activities.

Another beautiful Indian Summer day at Metelkova will be marked by our regular monthly graffiti workshop! Yes indee Grafitarnica workshop will return soon! You can read this information in Slovenian here. It is designed for graffiti beginners of all ages. Modern designed apartment in city centre with own parking place, near Etnographic and Contemporary Art Museums.

Vegetarian-friendly, too!