Killdozer movie

The film has since gained a cult following. My grandmother could outrun the killdozer. I was very much looking forward to seeing this film.

Killdozer navigates the same territory as other killer vehicle films. A description of tropes appearing in Killdozer.

Written by Theodore Sturgen, Ed MacKillop. Directed by Jerry London. Run Time: minutes. Any movie involving killer construction equipment must open in outer space, naturally, and this movie is no exception. It just makes sense, right?

Scary music plays while a blue styrofoam asteroid . Construction workers building an airstrip on a small Pacific Island during WWII encounter an ancient meteor. Then they are terrorized when some strange spirit- like being takes over a large bulldozer, and goes on a killing rampage.

The ABC Movie of the Week has, as of this writing, five votes for a specific movie in the series being its “jump the shark” moment. Regardless, many fans hold this film in high esteem, whether for its cheese factor or simply as enjoyably silly. The vehicle is part of the movie. A meteorite turns a normal bulldozer into.

For many people, their car is as dependable and loved as a faithful, ol Cocker Spaniel, but just like Cujo, TV and movies love to flip that on its head and make our vehicles into villains. We all need our cars, but deep down we also know that they cause pollution, traffic deaths, and the paved-over landscape stretching from. The whole list is worth checking out, so hop on that.

According to, “ Killdozer ” is tells the following story: “A small construction crew on an island is terrorized when some strange spirit-like being . Name folgender: Killdozer ! Roman), ein Roman von Theodore Sturgeon Killdozer ! Genres: Science Fiction, Horror. Starring: Clint Walker. Hilarious stuff as always, sir!

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Make it the real story about a guy who gets fucked over by some deep state agency who want to build a CIA bunker on his land and have him kill hundreds and hundreds of black ops goons with an Mmounted in the killdozer. Watch Killdozer movie full length free. There are just some times in your life when reality resembles something totally surreal. So weir in fact, that it sounds like the plot of a bad movie or some crappy comic book aimed at 8-year-olds.

Killdozer is perhaps the slowest, most nonthreatening movie monster ever committed to film. Its victims practically had to commit suicide by standing in the direct path of destruction. The DVD is as bare bones as it .