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US news, world news, crime news. PHOTOS: New ISIS Mass Execution Video Executes Man With Artillery Gun. In screenshots from a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “Allah will be sufficient for you against them ” mass executions of New Syrian Army members are shown. New reports on Islamic State media channels claim that ISIS militants have took control of a federal police station and the Silak neighborhood of Samarra, a city on the eastern bank of the Tigris in the Saladin Governorate.

In a new photo report purportedly released by the Islamic State, an ISIS – affiliate in the in Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus, Syria publicly beheads a “sorcerer.

Warning: This article contains a video with graphic footage. ISIS has released a new video from Mosul titled “The Procession of Light”. Intense GoPro combat footage from Syria filmed from a Polish volunteer fighter with Kurdish YPG and SDF. Phoenix man guilty of aiding terrorists,” AZ Central.

Horrific video shows four men being beheaded by ISIS militants. Heavy , “New ISIS video shows . Armed: IS troops perform training exercises in the desert (Image: Video Press). QSD fighters battle ISIS gangs in the eastern part of El Rewda neighborhood in Raqqa.

After months of fighting, the Isis hold in Mosul has shrunk to less than 0. Fierce street battles and widespread use of hidden bombs by the retreating extremists have taken a heavy toll on Iraqi troops, with more than 0members of . In other words, though sludge combines fairly simple ingredients, the are almost always sophisticated. Check out ISIS latest news and videos on Al Jazeera. But the loss of its two largest cities will not spell a final defeat for the Islamic State — also known as ISIS , ISIL and Daesh — according to analysts and American and Middle Eastern officials. The group has already shifted back to its roots as an insurgent force, but one that now has an international reach and . They borrowed from and helped to evolve the post-metal sound pioneered by bands such as Neurosis and Godflesh, characterized by lengthy songs focusing on . S Labels ‎: ‎ Ipecac ‎, ‎ Robotic Empire ‎, ‎ Hydra Head ‎,.

The fight to retake Mosul is in its final stages, but the last push has killed hundreds of civilians and reduced entire neighbourhoods to rubble thanks to heavy coalition bombing – responsible for an unknown number of casualties which rights groups . The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies entered the Sukhna gas field located in less than 2km from the strategic ISIS -held town at the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor road. If government troops secure it, their next step will be to enter the town of Sukhna . Video has surfaced online of an incredible, daring rescue by U. David Eubank, amidst heavy gunfire in ISIS territory. Special Forces soldier, is seen sprinting into open fire in the video, while two American soldiers cover him with rifle fire. You see Eubank disappear while . In Iraq, Coalition military forces conducted .

Members of the Iraqi Federal Police improvise a heavy machine gun platform somewhere in Mosul during their fight against ISIS. Airstrikes, shelling and other heavy clashes shook a small sliver of western Mosul on Tuesday in renewed. ISIS had been known to use these remote-controlled devices for surveillance purposes, so the soldiers brought the drone back to their base to examine more closely. SDF troops capture more ground in Raqqa, expel ISIS from two districts.

ARA News The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on Sunday made new gains in the fight for Raqqa city.