Gruesome animal fights

Lions to Killer whales, we countdown the most brutal animal attacks caught on tape. With animal fights , nature reveals how cruel it can just be. From lions vs a baby elephant, a mongoose vs a. Some of the most famous and brutal animal attacks caught on video in one compilation.

Includes a woman being mauled by a rabid dog, a man being eaten by alive by hungry lions, a deadly bear attack and people having their faces ripped apart by raging bulls.

Music: Carmina Burana – O Fortuna – Carl . Humans suffering being torn up by tigers, being battered by bulls, punished by pit bulls, stomped by elephants, attacked by anacondas, electrocuted by electric eels, crushed by crocodiles, snipped by sharks, brutalised by bears, lacerated by lions and . The rule of the jungle is survival of the fittest, but every now and then, fate steps in and the underdog emerges triumphantly. At times, animal fights (even those that are to the death) end or even begin pretty unexpectedly. On the surface, it may appear these crazy animal fights are simply just entertainment.

Though bear fights and bullfights were the most notorious events, many other animals were pitted against one another in fights for the entertainment of spectators and betting men. Many of the bigger saloons in the larger towns offered cockfights and dog fights. These gruesome animal fights were very popular and attracted .

Share this with your friends via. Breen also took umbrage at the scene in which Dr. Breen pointed out that a direct blood transfusion would o›end audiences and suggested that the scene be broken . Some of these fights are vicious but most of the fighting is comical, if not odd. Some pretty gruesome things happen out there in the wild.

Liveleak Forums TomoNews LIKE Liveleak. Animal Attack Compilation Only Gruesome ! But you will see it here. Featuring some of the most disturbing and complex behaviours you will ever witness in the wil this series of animal videos pushes the boundaries of the natural world as you know it.

Dead whale disposal is a gruesome affair. Fur seals fight over newborn pup RUNTIME: 02:. Michael Vick, whose exposure to dogfighting at a young age ultimately led him to federal prison, was on Capitol Hill Tuesday to speak out against exposing kids to animal fights. Farm animals and aquarium animals are allowed provided there is no human instigated feeding, baiting or violence.

Anyone posting organized animal fighting will be banned for . These are some of the bloodiest animal fight videos on the internet. Survival of the fittest is not a myth. They are not for the faint of heart.

Steve Bunce says: The walrus has the best killing tools in nature but is at heart a pacifist, which is not good in a fight against a permanently angry polar. Mother Nature isn’t the kind-hearte elderly matron that the hippies make her out to be. The fight : A gruesome clash of brains and brawn. Then check out these ten scenes of animals pitted against each . Hundreds of locals, including young children, turn out to watch the gruesome bouts between the fighting dogs. Mobs of punters are pictured crowding.

Lad filmed cruel animal fights.