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Wide range of wholesale home health care supplies and home care equipment , along with clinical support and efficiencies of a national distribution network, offered to home care companies. These professionals are typically associated with home care organizations (e.g., home health agencies, hospices, homemaker and home care aide agencies, staffing and private-duty agencies, companies specializing in medical equipment and supplies) or they may be from registries or operate as independent providers. Voiding Equipment ‎: ‎Catheter Colostomy bags Infant Care ‎: ‎Incubator Radiant warmer Bilirubin.

Treatment Equipment ‎: ‎IV equipment Infusion p. But manufacturers face a series of unique challenges in supplying home healthcare equipment that is both effective and safe.

CareCentrix connects care across the post-acute care continuum with scalable, cost-effective solutions for patient-centered home health care and home DME. We realize that there are many times when you recover better in the comfort of your own home. Our team of nurses, therapists, dieticians and aides provide quality in- home care to our community to help you regain your independence. Find a comprehensive list of services we offer and locations related to durable medical equipment at Intermountain Healthcare.

Meet industry requirements on schedule with a partner who provides . From wheelchairs to mobility scooters, lift chairs to home healthcare products, we provide mobility products. Home Healthcare Equipment.

Our qualified staff is available hours a day to answer your questions or help with an emergency. Our respiratory therapy team works alongside OSF doctors to support the best treatment . Mercy Healthcare Equipment is a home medical equipment company serving West Michigan with offices in Muskegon and Grand Rapids. Our Muskegon and Grand Rapids offices are centrally located to better serve you. Click below to contact us if you have questions or for more information.

Depending on the condition of the patient, testing may be required to monitor the home health aide for the development of an infection. Bag Technique Most home care workers use some sort of bag to carry necessary supplies and equipment from home to home. Bag technique is a term used to describe the steps that the . Aller à Types of Medical Equipment – The health care team will provide specific information about how to handle different situations involving the equipment , such as displacement or clogging of tubes. Nasogastric tube (NG tube).

An NG tube is inserted through the nose and down the throat into the stomach. Services vary, but some providers offer companionship . Riverside Health Equipment leases, sells and services medical equipment and supplies for use in the home or office. A professional and knowledgeable team is available to help answer questions about our products and services, which include certified respiratory therapists, medical equipment specialists, a full-time.

Beaumont Health offers high quality home health care equipment and services, specializing in the rental, sale and service of medical equipment.

These two programs are the sole means of federal government support for home health care , as access to health care in the United States is not universal and is. When appropriate, our professionals will assess your needs and make recommendations based on your health goals. Fidelity Health Care offers a wide range of medical equipment for use in your home to meet any special health needs you may have. Having everything you need to be comfortable and safe at home is important. We offer a large variety of medical equipment and supplies to ensure that you can have everything that you need to feel safe and secure in your home.

Browse our hundreds of home care supplies, from maternity items, wheel chairs and wound . You will benefit from the vast expertise of our healthcare team, who work together to deliver you outstanding support. Let us do the same for you.