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A lucky cat in Arizona survived a 30-foot jump through high-power lines as people screamed in the background. A hapless cat had to be rescued after being stuck at the top of a 30ft electricity pole for hours. Betty, a black and white moggy, managed to climb the wooden structure in Cam, Gloucestershire, but lost her nerve when trying to get down and was stuck. A scaredy- cat spent nine harrowing, windy wet days on a utility pole perch in Fresno, Calif.

This cat got trapped high on an electric pole — and she did the craziest thing when rescuers arrived.

Fat Boy the cat had been missing for three days last week when his family finally spotted him perching . Watch Cat Gets Stuck On Electric Pole , a Close to Home video from The Dodo. If you have a cat for a frien many people feel it is strange. That is why I did not want a cat for a friend – not until I met Leo. It happened one Saturday afternoon when I was walking down the street by myself. My mother was visiting a friend of hers and my friend Laura . Tuesday retrieved the black and white, big-boned cat named Fat Boy after cutting power to homes in the area.

A cat was rescued from a power pole in southwest Fresno Tuesday after being perched there for nine days.

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. Holly Avenue area in order to shimmy up the pole and ferry the feline, known as Fat Boy, safely back down to his owners. Bill Backhall holds his cat after it was rescued from a high voltage power pole. A cat stuck for four days up a high voltage power pole in Princeton, B. Blackhall had been trying since Monday to convince BC Hydro to rescue his cat , but the utility said it would be a tricky job.

He said they usually “wait out” cats on poles , and the felines typically come down on their own, but after Fat Boy had been up there so long, they had to take action. In order for workers to get him, the company had to shut off power to about 2homes for a few hours. A family cat stranded himself at the top of a 45-foot power pole in southwest Fresno sometime last week. Utility workers rescue Fat Boy, a cat that . On Tuesday, at least six days later, help arrived.

The cat had sat atop it for nine days. The Fresno Bee via AP Mackenzie Mays). Optimized for pole yards, the Millyard Pole Fork features a refined frame profile and a top clamp that closes tighter to the frame. The Cat -a- pole is an interactive wand toy with some features that set it apart from all the others. First, it is designed to create a fabulous, unpredictable motion that is endlessly intriguing to cats.

Griffoir cat pole : infos et prix. Grinding of metal on concrete, once you here it, you never forget, said Mike Hall , who works across the street and called 911.

According to the Michigan State Police, the woman swerved to miss a cat , and hit a support cable for a utility pole. Troopers say the vehicle knocked over a large pine tree in a yard. Ce griffoir pour chat se place sous une table ou un bureau pour offrir un espace de griffades à Minou. Sa conception en bois de coco et sisal est à la fois esthétique et très attractive pour votre animal.

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