Develope a Simple boot loader. Contribute to akernelloader development by creating an account on GitHub. Akernelloader (akel) is a project to develop a boot loader single or multi-boot, everything depends on the participation of developers. Desiros is a development project of a kernel. I use the GPL because it more independence to developers.

All participation is welcome.

AKernelLoader (AKeL) is a project open source without much ambition,to develop a bootloader single or multi-boot, everything depends on the participation of developers. Can be an opportunity for those who are doing . Tools: Akernelloader includes a small program to write in the mbr. InstallTo install and use you should read the file install included in the source code. If you use linux you can test the akernelloader is a bootloader for the fat file system in usb.

Details Language: AKeL coded with C language and GNU assembly. You can see the code here. The following tables compare general and technical information for a number of available boot loaders. Note: The column MBR (Master Boot Record) refers to whether or not the boot loader can be stored in the first sector of a mass .

This program is distributed in the . The project page on OpenHub. AK loader (AK) is a project without much ambition,to develop a boot loader single or multi-boot, everything depends on the participation of developers. We will be glad to see you as an osFree developer! We have a management system installed on this server to maintain the status of osFree.

The smallest possible embedded Linux application that uses all three software layers (kernel, C library, and application) consists of a kernel loader , the kernel, and a very few statically linked application programs. After spending several weeks reading and writing assembly code, finally got an introductory knowledge about xprotected mode, segmentation model, paging model, setting interrupt controller, interrupt vector table (protected mode), boot sector, FATfile system (used on floppy) and loading program . If the debian installer can connect to internet (preferably with LAN: wired internet connection), you can complete network installation (netinst) with only two files ( such as a kernel and an initramfs file for netinst) and a kernel loader (such as grub2). For i38 you can download the kernel (linux) and the . When extracte the downloaded file provides a kernel, a kernel loader , a file for use as local storage, a ramdisk and a setup program. The setup program places the files in standard locations and provides entries on the start menu.

When selecte the kernel loader boots the kernel and Linux is started. A kernel loader like LILO or Loadlin is used to load the kernel. The bootsector loader doubles up as kernel loader for small kernels).

Before kernel is loade further initialisations have to be performed. First, the system is checked for the total memory present. This is done through standard BIOS call function 88H of interrupt . Thus, a kernel-loader parse the device tree on the ARM, packs information into a multibootformat, which are compatible with any architecture.