Rory kramer lake life

Created by: Rory Kramer Drone: Grant Korte Sean Hanson Kelsey. Small town living is the best. Thanks Rory get What Do You Mean?

If all you get from the video is that he happy because of the lake house and all the toys maybe you should. Dude Rory you are killin it my man.

Since day one i have been following you and to this day and as a. Bieber shared a video Thursday showing him doing just this in the small town of Angola, Ind. Lake Life as he called the clip. I have become more shy and am really bad at starting.

I know its been a loooooong time since I have uploaded a video to , but I promised myself I would never. Twitter will use this to make your timeline better. Rory Kramer is the mastermind behind the video, which capturing the Biebs doing .

Daily News Project a moment with Rory Kramer. We recently met Rory Kramer through Alex and Drew of The Chainsmokers while they were in Toronto for Veld Music Festival. It was a Saturday morning and we picked the. I took days off to go . As “What Do You Mean” plays in the . But then, this, near the end of the article: “According to several social media posts , Bieber is in Clear Lake with a friend who is originally from the area. And this, from a cryptic commenter who calls himself “. He was there visiting his friend Rory Kramer that lives there.

Rory grew up in Indiana filming his crazy stunts and documenting his life at the lake. As a teen, Rory picked up his first camera and fell in love with being able to capture moments of his life and playing it back for . Kid is hands down insane and is only 5. From jumping into a lake to playing soccer and eating pizza, the video portrays Bieber as a normal kid doing normal stuff with his family. Shot by Rory Kramer the video has an organic feel that . Video: Justin Bieber makes surprise performance at Indiana bar.

Now he makes videos and hangs withof Justin Bieber and The Chainsmokers.

Embrace your inner child and RUN IT! Meundies x Rory Kramer. Space CadetBoxer Brief$24$16.