Planetside 2 nc heavy assault weapons

Autres résultats sur forums. Designed to combat the surge of instant nanite-assembled vehicles, their presence on the battlefield poses a serious threat to tanks and infantry alike. Their custom Reinforced Exosuit armor configuration is . The Cyclone also works well for the heavy assault at closer ranges.

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What are you looking for? Default is good for range and low horizontal recoil. GD- 22S has nice low recoil and is cheap. Anchor is similar to the GD but for closer range, it has better RPM and access to SPA and ALS at the cost of some recoil and reload speed.

NS-15M is my preferred general purpose weapon because I can . Basically, an LMG that has high ammo count and good accuracy. The Gauss SAW S seems appealing, because it offers both the high velocity . Vanu Weapons tend to be energy-base firing in straight lines without distance.

And that weapon is the GD-22S. In terms on cert investment the GD-22S only costs 3cert, which is a steal. The EMis perhaps the most versatile weapon of the NC arsenal. It is a 1round drum,.

Typically this overshiel known as the Nanite Mesh Generator, gives the Heavy assault an ADDITIONAL 7Shield. Planetside (Archived) Icon indicating the project type. MAX Rocket Launcher SMG Sniper Rifle Shotgun. Almsot feels like a Tr weapon though. NC forces use hard hitting electromagnetic weapons such as gauss and railguns that are devastating at short and medium range, but are bulky and unwieldy.

Assault Rifle Battle Rifle Carbine Heavy Gun LMG. Which one do you use? Re: R: heavy assault weapons.

As the only class capable of using light machine guns, an this classes shield generator ability. This class deals heavy damage and deals it back. Firing rates for the Vanu trend just between the chain-gunning Terran Republic and the slower rates of the New Conglomerate.

Every time a console game gets porte a Barnie cries. Of course, when facing the NC , they cry even more often.

The problem with VS weaponry is the fact that . Probelm with NC weapons is that their slow rate of fire makes them useless in close quarters and even in some medium range engagements. All starter weapons for infantry are also perfectly useful. If you decide to replace one of . NCGauss Saw This weapon is only receiving. Interesting note about bandoliers and concussion grenades – an enemy hit with two concurrent concussion effects gets his movement and aim .