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Tissue engineered heart valves (TEHV) can be useful in the repair of con- genital or acquired valvular diseases due to their potential for growth and remodeling. The development of biomimetic scaffolds is a major challenge in heart valve tissue engineering.

One of the most important structural charac-. Actions of metformin on the ovary: molecular and pathophysiological mechanisms and clinical corollaries. Metformin may act upon the ovary either directly or indirectly by inhibiting the effects of insulin excess on steroidogenesis and follicular growth.

In theca cells, metformin may inhibit CYP17 . Basolateral to apical vesicular transcytosis in the hepatocyte is an essential pathway for the delivery of compounds from the sinusoidal blood to the bile and to traffic newly synthesized resident apical membrane proteins to their site of function at the canalicular membrane front. To characterize this . Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) surgery is the most effective treatment for morbid obesity and remission of associated type diabetes, but the mechanisms involved are poorly understood.

The aim of the present study was to develop and validate a rat model for RYGB surgery that allows repeated . Sodium taurocholate cotransporting polypeptide (Ntcp) is the major uptake system for conjugated bile acids. Deletions of hepatocyte nuclear factor (HNF)-1α and retinoid X receptor-α:retinoic acid receptor-α binding sites in the mouse 5′- flanking region corresponding to putatively central regulatory . MITHIEUX G, MISERY P, MAGNAN C, PILLOT B, GAUTIER-STEIN A, BERNARD C, RAJAS F, ZITOUN C. Portal sensing of intestinal gluconeogenesis is a. Canagliflozin, dapagliflozin and empagliflozin, all recently approved for treatment of Type diabetes, were derived from the natural product phlorizin. They reduce hyperglycemia by inhibiting glucose reuptake by SGLTin the kidney, without affecting intestinal glucose uptake by SGLT1. There is increasing evidence, however, that the transcription factor Nrf2 . Glycogen is the primary storage form of glucose, which is metabolized actively in the liver and skeletal muscle of mammals. The skeletal muscle glycogen is used intracell.

Kort overzicht van de wetenschappelijke publicaties van Prof. Weyts K, Spinato L, Bisschop P, Jaudet C, Hambÿe AS. Dynamic Scintigraphy With SPECT-CT of Postoperative Salivary Leak. Président de la Commission : Slim K (Chirurgien Clermont-Ferrand).

Membres du groupe de travail (par ordre alphabétique) : Blay JY (Oncologue Lyon),. Brouquet A (Chirurgien Boulogne), Chatelain D (Anatomopathologiste Amiens), Comy M.

SGLT1) operating on the apical plasma membrane and. However, the regulation of glucose fluxes. ABSTRACT Triglyceride molecules represent the major form of storage and transport of fatty acids within cells and in the plasma.