Isis bulldozes ancient

While reports from early March that the site was destroyed by bulldozers proved to be incorrect, experts tell National Geographic that the events recorded in the video . Isis militants intensified their efforts to destroy invaluable historical landmarks in Iraq after “bulldozing the ancient Assyrian archaeological site of Nimrud near Mosul. The antiquities ministry in Baghdad said Isis used heavy military vehicles to destroy parts of the city on Thursday, just weeks after it was . Militants tear down statues from 13th century B. The Islamic State militant group has bulldozed the ancient archeological site of Nimrud in Iraq near Mosul according to media reports. Reportedly heavy military vehicles were used to accomplish the feat.

The Nimrud site was considered one of the most important archaeological . Islamists destroy 5th-century Mar Elian monastery. ISIS Bulldozes Ancient Site. Is Your Home Office as . In addition to the countless lives they have brutally taken, Islamic State continues to destroy irreplaceable global cultural treasures.

Another good demonstration of muslim logic. Iraqi official say Islamic State militant have begun demolishing the ancient archaeological site of Hatra. Hatra is an ancient fortified city that was the capital of the first Arab kingdom.

It is a UNESCO world heritage site. Al-Asaad was no threat: He dedicated his life to studying the antiquities at Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site . THE Iraqi military said Sunday that soldiers south of Mosul have recaptured the Nimrud area, home to the site of an ancient Assyrian city that was blown up by the Islamic State group. The palace dates back to the 7th Century BCE and was built by the Assyrian King . The Iraqi Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said Friday that the militant group had bulldozed the ancient Assyrian city on Thursday. Islamic State militant-affiliated website, shows a bulldozer , backgroun of the Islamic State militants destroying the Saint Eliane Monastery near the town of Qaryatain which IS captured in early August, in Homs province, Syria. A priest and activists say the Islamic State group has demolished . The destruction targets various places of worship under ISIL control and ancient historical artifacts.

The militants have also moved Christians taken captive in the town to their stronghold of Raqqa, according to a UK-based monitoring grou the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. A bulldozer destroys the monastery IG. The ruins of Mar Elian monastery IG. The monastery was outside the Syrian city of Homs.

In the sick video the terrorists can be seen gleefully removing the remains of Saint Elian, after whom the . This time they leveled the ancient Assyrian city, Nimro in northern Iraq. Whatever their motives might be, this much is clear: doing so sends a variety of signals: 1) Purity of cause is important to them. This is a directed signal to those Muslims who believe in a specific sort of Islam, that their faction is ascendant.

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