Hour devours definition

Typically smaller than a . An appetizer served before a meal. But which one is correct? With countless recipes . Listen to the audio pronunciation in English.

If you knew only a little French, you might interpret this phrase as meaning “out of work,” but in fact it means little snack foods served before or outside of ( hors ) the main dishes of a meal (the oeuvres). English speakers have trouble mastering the sounds in this phrase, but it is normally rendered . Get a Devour mug for your friend James. The meaning of devour has grown to include the consumption of things other than food. If you sit down to start a book and look up ten hours later having turned the last page, you have devoured that book.

If your after school job devours all your free time, chances are your grades are going to drop. The Latin root, devorare, .

Antes de la cena, los anfitriones sirvieron una variedad deliciosa de entremeses. A great dining experience often starts with an appetizer. Looking for the perfect bite-size snacks? Here are delicious options, many of which can be made well ahead of party time. No, you have to understand it like : outside of main work.

Applying to cookery, the main work is the main course. These creative wedding appetizer ideas will make your cocktail hour the highlight of the night — except for that moment you said “I do,” of course. Meaning , pronunciation, translations and examples. No, I think that is a term used in catering and it definitely gets the point across. If I think heavy stuff I. The adjective form, appetizing (or appetising), has a slightly different meaning.

It means that something is appealing or has a good aroma. It can mean for something to want to be eaten or simply admired. Synonyms for appetizer at Thesaurus. Just in case you’ve ever been confused about what that Tiny Food you’re being served is really calle here’s a few small definitions and short histories for some of the most commonly used phrases for what I call Tiny Food: Hors d’oeuvre is French for outside of work, originally an architectural term that .

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