Repurposed tractor piece

We love this idea of bringing a beloved Massey Ferguson into your home. Here are a few ideas that you . Recycle, upcycle, salvage! A repurposed tractor frame glass top table. This piece features pieces of a vintage tractor with a rectangular glass table top and metal leg. Many pieces of farm equipment were stripped of parts, which were then repurposed.

For instance, tractor batteries were used to power radios. Wheels and axles were used for donkey carts. Wiring from tractors , combines, and houses was used for a multitude of purposes, including building chicken coops.

There was a lot of land to be plowed out west and a lot of money to be made on agricultural equipment, gasoline engines developed for cars could be repurposed for heavier duty operation and sold to farmers everywhere, and they were. Reciprocating Saw Cuts Boxrail. I cut it off with my reciprocating saw. Krylon Stainless Steel Paint.

One BYCer spoke earlier in another thread about repurposing an old trampoline into a chicken tractor. It made me start thinking of what other items one. The pieces are galvanized. Repurposed tractor seat stool! Old tractor seat stools by cheryl.

Totally cute Minion fireplace! Shop with confidence. Tractor Seat Chair Рinspired by Achille . Vintage Allis Chalmers tractor grill. Pictures show condition. It makes a real handy piece , he says.

Reclaimed Console Table This table is assuredly a conversation piece. You can rig up the lights to make it truly spectacular. Each piece of old farm stuff has its own charm and can be turned into something useful, functional, and just plain awesome! At Flea Market Gardening, old tractor parts get new life as centerpieces. Bear antique headlight tester repurposed into industrial lamp with vintage Edison bulb.

Has wheels on the bottom and rolls easil. I attached solid walnut pieces to make shelf brackets. Could be used anywhere in home or office. I think in a bathroom as well.

Please message if interested.