Planetside 2 heavy assault loadout

Whats your go-to class loadout ? Go-to loadout for NC heavy assault ? Autres résultats sur forums. Each piece of this loadout has a specific piece to play to create a heavy assault that is ready for anything. Heavy assault loadout.

Primary Weapon: A heavy assault weapon needs to be good at things: killing people, holding points, and ranged area-of-denial. For this we use the SVA-8 with its high velocity, clip size and damage . Gabriel walks us through a personal build of heavy assault that may be beneficial for newer players! Stick with the Orion. Can be helpful if you have a special loadout that you use only for deterring enemy vehicles with a lock-on launcher.

What is a good loadout for a heavy assault vanu? PlanetSide New Player Questions. The 1st Terran Rangers is a Gaming Community built with respect for each other and having a good time.

By default they are armed with the most powerful hand-wielded. Choose your empire, take arms, and join the MASSIVE battle on Auraxis! Available on PC and PlayStation 4. Light Assault Loadouts.

They really shine when attacking a base by jumping over . Hi i played a lot nc ha. So i look for emor em6. Updated numerous weapons and attachments to track GU11. NC-specific weapons for the Harasser have had their prices swapped. Cette fois, un dossier bien fourni pour vous.

Logiquement, et si vos accréditations vous le permettent, débloquez les deux boucliers, et adaptez vos loadouts. Préférez le bouclier de . You are the blunt force of the infantry, and you must be able to. First 5certs: put them into level -shield and ability, and the med kit. Next 5certs: SVA-88.

Range: Medium Fire Modes: Automatic,Semi- Automatic Damage: Max Damage:1before 10m. Min Damage:1after 65m.

Reload Speed: Short Reload:3. PSis a free to play MMOFPS created by Sony.