Planetside 2 best heavy assault loadout

What are the best loadouts for a TR heavy ? NC HA loadouts déc. Autres résultats sur forums. Vanu Heavy Assault Best Loadout. Current VS Heavy Assault best loadout ?

Go-to loadout for NC heavy assault ? Planetside 18 messages janv. Please we need more Heavy well equiped Infantry. This brief video intends. Gabriel walks us through a personal build of heavy assault that may be beneficial for newer players! Verdict: Resist Shield is best suited for ranged fights, where the Heavy Assault operates from cover, controls his exposure, and at any time can hide to safely recharge shields and restore health.

Stick with the Orion.

Each piece of this loadout has a specific piece to play to create a heavy assault that is ready for anything. Primary Weapon: A heavy assault weapon needs to be good at things: killing people, holding points, and ranged area-of-denial. For this we use the SVA-8 with its high velocity, clip size and damage . What is a good loadout for a heavy assault vanu? As a Heavy Assault though, it works well alongside your shield.

Particularly with Resist shield , which has a compounding effect with the extra health. What the Heavy assault IS good at is killing things. Typically this overshiel known as the Nanite Mesh Generator, gives the Heavy assault an ADDITIONAL 7Shield. If there is an enemy Sunderer parked up next to your base and a stream of enemies are coming out of it, turn into a Heavy Assault and rocket that . The 1st Terran Rangers is a Gaming Community built with respect for each other and having a good time. Light Assault Loadouts.

The default TRAC-is as good as any while being most importantly, free. Some argue that the . Hi i played a lot nc ha. So i look for emor em6.

I mostly play medic and heavy assault so will post what I know.

You are the blunt force of the infantry, and you. If I shot first, there are good chances you are dead. I have heard the best attachments combinations are heavy barrel-ergo, and compensator-stubby. The Cyclone is probably the best all-rounder assault rifle – it has a large maximum clip size, decent accuracy, a strong rate of fire and decent damage.

As I tend to prefer longer range engagements but still like to have versatility, I made drastic changes and here is what my standard loadout looks like now:.