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Compare with integrity. English dictionary definition of entirety. The entire amount or. Meaning of entirety as a legal term. What does entirety mean in law?

If a televised football game goes long, the announcers might say, Your local news will air in its entirely after the game.

That means the news will be its normal length, not shortened. If you did your assigned reading in its entirety , . Define entirety (noun) and get synonyms. Synonyms for entirety at Thesaurus. Online অভিধান। Providing the maximum meaning of a word by combining the best sources with us. Dictionary and Word of the Day.

Entirety definition and how to spell entirety. When land isconveyed to husband and wife, they do not take by moieties, but both are seised of t.

Definition of tenancy by the entirety : Joint-ownership of real estate that arises only between a husband and wife when the character of their ownership is not specified in the title document (deed or will). Both have equal right of. A method in some states by which married couples can hold the title to a property. In order for one spouse to modify his or her interest in the property in any way, the consent of both spouses is required by tenants by entirety.

It also provides that when one spouse passes away, the surviving spouse gains full ownership of the . Spouses can hold title to property as tenants by the entirety in some states, giving them rights of survivorship and protection from some creditors. Although “eternity” is the best-known meaning of aiōn, its original meaning is “life ” which is an entirety of time. Chapter II investigated the usage and meaning of aiōn in Greek literature, from Homer up to and including the Hellenistic period. Aiōn, so we discovere means either “lifetime”, more specifically a complete or . Yet, unlike terms such as “sustainable development” that got swollen over time after incorporating economic indicators in its body, degrowth took its own path of meanings and emergence. It resurged in the grass-root anti-car movement in France challenging not only the physical limits to growth but the very . It keeps creeping deeper.

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