Komatsu d’575 super dozer

Signaler une autre image Vous avez trouvé des images choquantes. Merci de les signaler. Il Komatsu D575A è un trattore cingolato prodotto dalla azienda Komatsu di Osaka.

Dotato di un propulsore da 1. W) è attualmente il più grande bulldozer in produzione.

Bulldozer con ripper ( D575A -3) o solo bulldozer ( D575A -SD Super Dozer ). Con la lama standar . Check other videos out! Dozers pushing a metre wide road in, 1tonne of material per. BelAZ and Komatsu – Death of the Titans.

БелАЗы и Комацу – Смерть Титанов – Duration: 7:56. Epic Smash Disaster 27991. Komatsu 5remote control super dozer – Duration: 3:07.

The biggest dozer in the series is the Superdozer called the D-575A -3. The D575A -SD of Komatsu. It is built by the company Komatsu which is located in Japan.

Komatsu assembles these massive machines in a place called Ishikawa. The first D575A super dozer produced went into operation at a West Virginia coal mine. At the mine site, the D575A helped increase the average yards per scheduled operating hour from approximately . Aspiration, Turbocharged and emission certified diesel. Number of Cylinders, 12.

Blade tilting hoses run through the frame for maximum protection. When it comes to crawler dozers, bigger really is better. Bigger dozers are more efficient— they push more material per hour, and per shift, for a lower overall cost per yard. Presenting the most efficient of them all—the Komatsu D575A -Super Dozer. The largest, most productive dozer in the world by a factor of nearly two.

Komatsu is discontinuing the D5(Australia) As it is not a production. CAT would have to completely UPGRADE a SUPER Ultra D11. I doubt we will see .

Owned and operated by Kaipara Lt the Komatsu D575A -Super – Dozers were previously working at the Stockton opencast coal mine near Westport. This video gives great insight into the size, power and capacity of these .