Heavy commercial lawn rollers

Poly Lawn Roller features a large dia. Its heavy duty drums resist denting and rusting. Lawn rollers give your lawn a smooth, professionally groomed appearance by packing uneven ground caused by mole damage or frost heaving.

Commercial lawn rollers keep your turf in tip-top shape and give your lawn a smooth, well-groomed appearance. Get your lawn roller.

Top-brand lawn rollers to tow behind lawn tractors and ride-on mowers. Heavy – Duty Steel Lawn Roller. Free UK Delivery on garden rollers from The. The Brinly PRT-48SBH is a tow-behind option for the true lawn enthusiast. KCT Outdoor Garden Lawn And Grass Roller.

The robust roller can be filled with sand or water to create the weight needed and has a soft touch pad handle to protect the hands while in use. Rounded ends treat your turf gently and allow for easier turning. See full description.

Factory Shipped — Estimated . The Pull-Type Roller is a heavy weight unit, suitable for rolling pastures and fields, or construction use. It can be pulled by compact tractors, lawn tractors, and even skid-steer loaders. Firm, smooth rolling is accomplished with the diameter drum, which is 0. The drum can be filled with sand or water for . These lawn rollers can be towed or pushed by hand to even-out lawns and pack new soil. Each features durable, polypropylene drum construction, which fills with a regular garden hose and helps rollers stand up to moisture and rough terrain.

The new Big Jim Lawn Roller is a natural extension of the field roller currently manufactured in Harriston, Ontario. The same ruggedness is built right in! The dry weight of these rollers is serious! I came across Turf Time out . This is also the heaviest yard roller that Brinly offers. For the majority of homeowners this will be able to satisfy all of your flattening needs.

Garden an lawn roller , perfectly suited to level your ground before you place seeds. Depending on how you use this roller, you can achieve a similar effect in your lawn like on a soccer lawn. Assembled dimension: in. Easily hooks behind your tractor for .

Push by hand or tow behind a tractor. Can be filled with water, cement or sand. NOW: HEAVY CALL VOLUME. LAWN ROLLER POLY 18IN X 24IN. A lawn roller is a useful tool, but should not be a regular part of your landscape maintenance routine.

It can cause stress to grass, particularly during the summer, so you should limit the use of a lawn roller to avoid injury to your grass that could lead to dead patches. You should also avoid using rollers on wet, heavy soils. Lawn rollers are heavy cylinders that are attached to an axle and either towed behind a garden tractor or pulled by hand to smooth the top soil and flatten out bumpy or irregular.

As a poly roller, the Brinley PRC-24BH is designed to be filled with water or sand for an adjustable weight that can easily be removed once the task is completed. This heavy duty lawn roller has a gallon, or 2poun capacity which allows for an exceptional level of adaptability to accommodate several .