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It is not certain who invented the first bulldozer – however, we do know that the bulldozer blade came first. A beautiful and expertly-flaked stone tool rescued from a house site opens up a world of meaning for a distant, poorly-known period. A bulldozer that had been working near Victorio Peak had broken down and needed a part.

The part was being flown in from El Paso by the bulldozer owner and his cousin when a downdraft suddenly pushed the small plane to the ground as it was beginning to land. Until recently, redevelopment in Medina has pressed ahead at a slightly less frenetic pace than in Mecca, although a number of early Islamic sites have still been lost.

Of the seven ancient mosques built to commemorate the Battle of the Trench – a key moment in the development of Islam – only two remain. Though a legal appeal and an over-arching lawsuit . In other words, one can envisage something resembling the ancient equivalent of a light bulldozer. We will probably never know whether these hypothetical Roman bulldozers were the sole means used to create the windrows or were supplementary, evening out the more labor-intensive piling of debris by hand. Horrifying footage shows ISIS thugs smashing mummified bodies with a bulldozer.

Filmed in the Syrian city of Palmyra, the disturbing video features brainwashed terrorists destroying priceless artefacts with sledgehammers and huge diggers. Objects manu factured or modified by humans. TWO 19th century houses.

Modern times Trees and grass 4. Sudden flood – buries . Archaeologists and officials have expressed outrage about the bulldozing of the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud by Islamic State militants in Iraq. IS began demolishing the site, which was founded in the 13th Century BC, on Thursday, according to Iraqi officials. An online video shows ISIS militants using sledgehammers, a bulldozer , and explosives to destroy ruins at the ancient Iraqi city of Nimrud. While reports from early March that the site was destroyed by bulldozers proved to be incorrect, experts tell National Geographic that the events recorded in the video . In this Tuesday, Sept.

Tel Es-Sakan hill, south of Gaza City. A post-Cold War construction boom is exposing evidence of a powerful Bronze Age culture. German town of Dermsdorf Weapon hoards dating to around 0years ago, . The first history of the bulldozer and its transformation from military weapon to essential tool for creating the post–World War II American landscape. Although the decades following World War II stand out as an era of rapid growth and construction in the United States, those years were equally significant for large- scale . A family of farmers yesterday faced a Larissa prosecutor for allegedly using their bulldozer to dig antiquities out of an arc. Ancient ceremonial stone tool is rescued from the bulldozer.

Obsidian stone tool AN EMAIL I RECEIVED from the General Manager at Barema oil palm plantation in New Britain in Papua New Guinea sent me hurrying to the airport. The rampart of the southern facade was also uncovered and is slated for destruction. Dozens of ancient sites have been found in Gaza, and excavations have revealed temples, monasteries, palaces, churches and mosques and .

The even more impressive part is that this bulldozer was built completely from scratch. The use of tracks became popular for tanks during World War I, and later for civilian machinery like the bulldozer. Until almost the twentieth century, one simple tool constituted the primary earthmoving machine: . This releases an ancient being composed of pure energy, left over from a war involving sentient machines in a long-lost civilization, which possesses a bulldozer being used by the construction crew.

When released from the ancient stone . Bulldozer to civilisation: Shocking new images of ISIS brutes desecrating priceless 500-year-old Christian monastery. A project to build a road around Fayum, Egypt, crosses the territory around the Coptic monastery of St. Macarius and threatens to destroy the ancient archaeological site around a church dating from the 4th century, or some 3years before Islam was born and invaded Coptic Egypt.

The first building works actually helped uncover the site as vigilant archaeologists spotted traces of ancient civilization being revealed and quickly intervened to stop construction.