Heavy combat footage

Amazing Music by : Really Slow Motion – Suns and Stars (Extended Version) Link to his Awesome channel. Intense GoPro combat footage from Syria filmed from a Polish volunteer fighter with Kurdish YPG and SDF. Please open the description for more information.

Video was striced but is back up again since it tries to use ISIS own propaganda strategy against them. The following video is a Propaganda Film made by The Islamic State during The Battle For Kobane.

It shows heavy Combat Footage from an Combined Arms Assault on Kurdish YPG positions outside the . Afghan forces fighting through an ambush in and around the village of Laui Kalay, in the Kunar province of Afghanistan. Anti-Afghanistan forces engaged with small arms, automatic weapons and . New combat footage of Hezbollah and the Syrian Arab Army battling Syrian rebels during the Battle of al. Army Signal Corps Combat Bulletins number 4 and 49.

Canadian Infantry in heavy Firefight against Insurgents in Afghanistan ! LIKE, SUBSCRIBE,COMMENT!

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Jotta voisit tarkastella suodatettua mediaa, sinun täytyy olla Riemurasian rekisteröitynyt käyttäjä sekä yli 15-vuotias. New 4b) All videos with propaganda from any faction in an ongoing war must consist mostly of combat footage. This goes for in comments or text posts as well.

Watch Marines in intense fight against the Taliban SOFREP Original Content. WwUniformsGerman UniformsMilitary UniformsArmy UniformLeather BootsGlovesGrenadesBeltDivision. A dismounted 88mm gun is used as an anti-tank, tactical weapon as it fires on battle tanks from a bridge. A quad- mount 20mm anti-aircraft gun is firing at buildings in the distance. It looks like, and we believe, it is combat footage from the invasion of Poland.

Most of the footage was concentrated on showing the scale of British preparations for the battle , lines of marching soldiers, heavy artillery firing. Syria War Rare Helmet Cam Combat Footage From Hezbollah In Heavy Fighting And Firefight In. It’s another masterpiece made by HCT.

This is a video made of the German Newsreels.

He says he loves the rare footage in the newsreels and the great real sound of battle. You can clearly watch a Stug III, a Panzer IV Aufs.